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Register Email 3.8

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Register Email v3.8 changes:

Updated PHP code so the email looks correct if there isn' a multi-text filed set in the options page.
Register Email v3.7 changes:

The Options page now has a field to add one Custom User Field of the Multi-line textbox type.
Register Email v3.6 changes:

One of the links in the email was updated to use https.
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Register Email v3.5 changes:

Updated PHP code.
Register Email v3.4 changes:

Added some code to suppress server error message when Geo location lookup is partially successful. This issue appeared only on some servers.
Register Email v3.3 changes:

Location information entered will now show in the email if it's a requirement to add the location during registration.
Register Email v3.2 changes:

Fixed problem where the Language ID in Options page is different than the member registering.
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Register Email v3.1 changes:

Removed support for Facebook, Google, Twitter and Stream registration due to problems. The problem is that if later the member associates their account with Facebook, Google or Twitter, an email was sent. See this link to see what I mean by associate account:

If a new registration is made using Facebook, Google or Twitter, no email is sent.
Register Email v3.0 changes:

Added code to prevent server error log when is unavailable.
Register Email v2.9 changes:

1) In the email sent, changed link from "Edit User" to "Users Profile".

2) Language ID now defaults to 1.