Referral Contests 2 by Siropu

Referral Contests 2 by Siropu 2.2.14

No permission to buy (€29.99)
Added option to apply referral link to social media share icons.
Added a "custom" reward type that can be used for digital and physical prizes.
Added native XF support for "Enable copy to clipboard button" option.

Bugs Fixed
Using member profile as a referral link will change the referrer if the visitor views the profile of a different member after viewing the original referrer's profile.
Using the option "Display invitation message to referral" with "Use profile page as referral link" will not display the message on the first page view.
Added spam cleaner options to remove referrer and referrals. Requires the new user group permission "Use the spam cleaner to remove referrer/referrals".
Added admin option to select user groups when creating invitations from ACP. The registered user will be added to those groups upon registration.

Bugs Fixed
Issue with invitation code autocomplete on registration page where the field gets cleared up when you try to manually paste the invitation code.
Contest prizes not being awarded correctly.
Admin option "Display invitation message to referral" working only after page reload.
Referral tools displaying in Guest mode.
Invitation code autocomplete issue when there is a delay in the overlay load.
Added the option for admins to decrypt referrer IDs (ACP > Referral contests > Decrypt referrer ID).
Added alert notifications for referrers when they get trophy points for referrals.
Referrer log has been implemented in ACP (It was there but it didn't display anything).
Added the option to use encrypted user IDs instead of the actual user ID. This will create a short alphanumeric ID of 5 characters or more.
Added invitations sent stats and the number of invitations left for users on invitation section pages.
Added the number of invitations sent and how many left in the visitor menu when "Make board invitation only" is enabled.
This release fixes an issue with DB Credits add-on when the referral registers without having to confirm email address.
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This release fixes some permission issues with sending/creating invitations.
This release fixes some compatibility issues with XF 2.1.0

NOTE: This release is for XenForo 2.1.x. Do not try to upgrade to this version if you are running XenForo 2.0.x
Referrer error when trying to apply reward.
Referrer account deletion resulting in an empty referrer field for the referral profile.
Other code issues.

Later today there will be a XF 2.1 update.
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Referrer field issue with unconfirmed users, setting referrer twice.
Admin user editing issue with referrer field.
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