Referral Contests 2 by Siropu

Referral Contests 2 by Siropu 2.3.0

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This version is compatible with XF 2.3 only.
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Updated to latest version the Hashids script used for generating unique IDs from user id when "Encrypt user ID" admin option is enabled.
Fixed an issue with share links where referral links can result in 404 not found.
Added "top referrers" widget option to display top referrers from certain contests.
Added IP in referrals list in ACP linked to the list of users that might have used the same IP.

Fixed a potential error with referrer custom field.
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The code has been cleaned up and important parts have been moved from the Listener to Entity and Repository.

Bugs Fixed
Fixed an issue with a potential error on user registration with referrer auto follow.
Referral link not applied on mobile devices to share buttons.
Referral link not applied to the post share copy link.
Issue with custom referrer user field and manual user approval where some code won't run as it should.
Added option to allow referrals to auto follow referrer upon registration. This can be enabled from admin options.

When using option "Use profile page as referral link" and visitor landed on the page from a search engine, it will not count as a referral so no cookie will be placed.

Fixed an issue when using "Encrypt user ID" where the real user id is showing in the cookie.
Error on duplicate user detection when no referrer is available.
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Added a new widget for invitations statistics that will display the number of invitations sent and the remaining number, with links to send and create invitations. Can be enabled from admin options.
Added duplicate account detection for users that use the same IP to register with a referral link. When a user registers with the same IP as the referrer, admins will get an alert notification.
Added support for Extend Sharing add-on.
Added option to create user group invitations based on the registration date.
Fixed an error with contest winner alerts.
Added admin option to mass create invitations based on user groups.
Added admin option "Referrer minimum posts" to allow using referral link or invitations. Also added a user group permission to bypass this restriction.
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