1. xffutureuser

    [UW] Affiliate Program 1.0.0

    This UW - Affiliate Program allows users to earn commissions from sales of their referrals. Get paid commissions in percentages from user group upgrades and add-on sales from your referrals. It is setup to work with DragonByte eCommerce ( Sell digital downloads or physical products via your...
  2. Siropu

    Referral System by Siropu 1.0.3

    Admin options Referral URL parameter - Set a custom parameter for referral links. Track HTTP referrer - Track the address of the page (if any) which referred the user to the referral link. Use profile page as referral link - The user profile page will become the referral link. Enable custom...
  3. Kevin RG

    [] Referral - Have fun with your friends 1.2.0

    English version : Create more registration into your forum with referal links available for each user. With this addon you can improve the number of members on your forum, it's very easy. How to you use ? It's very easy, on the your board, click on your user menu and select "Referral". On the...
  4. Siropu

    Referral Contests 2 by Siropu 2.2.9

    This is the XF 2 version of Referral Contest. If you are looking for a simpler referral system, check out my Referral System add-on. Referral Contests allows you not only to create referral contests for your members, but you can also make your board invitation only. Referral contests are...
  5. Siropu

    Referral Contests by Siropu 1.1.7

    Main Features Create referral contests (NOT mandatory for referral links to work) Make your board invitation only (Optional) Admin Features Create and manage contests Create and manage referral tools: banners, text links View who referred who View who invited who Create invitations Contest...
  6. Liam W

    Unmaintained Simple Refer 1.0.1

    This is a 'simple' referral system. By simple, I mean it allows users' to specify a referrer and have users' that a user referred listed on a page. A referral link based on username is displayed in a users' personal details edit page, and a referrer field is present on the registration form...