Reduce FontAwesome icon font file size

Unmaintained Reduce FontAwesome icon font file size

Thanks, it really help in reducing file size by huge amount, i also reduced Material Design Icons of UiX theme from 250kb to 8k only. now my page load even more fast in a second.
This is amazing. Easy instructions and it just works. I had to add several icons not in the core list, but they only added 2kb! This is a must do!
The large WOFF2 files got me busy for a long time. Finally a solution. It takes a little fiddling but it works great!
Super helpful, thank you both for the time and effort to get this working. A feature request - how can we serve these new files from a CDN? I tried and failed due to CORS.
That's probably beyond the scope of this guide. CORS can be really tricky. Usually, it requires you to configure the correct response headers from your web server. Make sure the "application/font-woff2" and "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" HTTP headers are being sent with the .woff2 files.