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Unmaintained Redis View Counters 1.1.3

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  • Attempt to reduce latency warnings or broken pipe due to timeouts.
    • Tweak redis command usage to block less by fetching less data at once when persisting view counts.
  • Prevent "Mysqli statement execute error : Truncated incorrect DOUBLE value:" error.
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  • Fix attachment view counts.
  • Support attachment view counters.
Improve flushing logic to ensure more keys are flushed per run of the 'Update View Counters' cron task.

Note; there is an effective limit of ~100000 threads that can be updated per 'Update View Counters' cron task run.
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Implements Lua scripting when updating view counters instead of discrete Redis commands.

Note; Requires Zend Redis Cache v1.1.5 for this feature to work, and for Lua scripting to be enabled.
Version string of the addon wasn't incremented.
This add-on depends on Zend Redis Cache add-on being installed and enabled.

This update relaxes this requirement so it will not cause functionality loss if the required add-on is disabled or not installed.
Improved addon compatibility tweaks.
Previous versions only flushed at most a 1000 threads view counters a time, every 30 minutes.

  • Adjusts the fetch limit upto 10000 thread view counters.
  • Disabled-by-default cron entry to increase the view counter update frequency to every 15 minutes.