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Unmaintained Profile Posts with BB Codes 2.0

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  • supported version: XF 1.4 (XF 1.3 works as well according to user reports)
  • adjustments to properly display in the recent activity and postings member tabs, and also in the forum list sidebar
  • extra controls to enable or disable specific BB codes in lists (forum list sidebar, activity tab) -> go to home->options->profile & status BB code
  • support for built-in user tagging in profile posts and comments
  • media sites (Youtube, etc.) display in full width in profile comments
  • code refactoring
This update adds an option to enable the Wysiwyg editor. It also adds functionality only available in xF 1.2+, including automated template modifications and event listener hinting for performance improvements.
Repacked Zip file.
Small fix in /BbCode/Formatter/Restricted.php required to skip handling of BB Code outside the profile area.
Version 0.91 contains repacked zip file with proper file structure.
The last two updates still contained the old uploaded file. Sorry about that.
Add-on now contains the proper file structure.
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