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Unmaintained Profile Posts with BB Codes 2.0

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This is a must have addon for those of us who run communities where end-users and their profiles are of high importance. Thanks to AlexT for keeping this addon updated. These types of features should be in XF by default as an option. People expect to do more with their profile wall just as they can on social networks. I can't thank AlexT enough for creating this addon.
Thank you, CallieJo. ;)
Excellent Plugin! Thank you for Update this Plugin for XenForo 1.4. I like this Plugin ver much. But i have one issue: Can you add a Editor to comments from comments?
Hi Patrick, I'll consider it.
Very useful! Great job, Alex!
Should be in the core. Thanks for this.
Don't understand why is this not in the core...

Excellent job!
I don't get it why they removed BB Codes from profile posts in XenForo 1.2. But thanks to you we can use them! Thanks a lot for this ;)
Works like a charm! Thanks..
Makes Profile better than ever :P
Good idea and implemented nicely, Thank you!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been begging for this.
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