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Unmaintained Prevent Admin Post Editing 1.0.0

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This add-on allows you to allow/prevent your moderators to edit admin posts (something similar was requested here =>http://xenforo.com/community/threads/how-to-prevent-moderators-from-moderating-admin-posts.18714)

after the installation you'll find a new mod permission
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additional sql queries => yes, but it depends on posts per page and how many different users posted... i'm caching the data, so if there are 10 posts and 3 users have posted, the add-on will add 3 VERY QUICK & simple (=>fast) queries

If you want to support me, and the development of future add-ons, you can donate any value to my paypal account
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Nice add-on! Easy install. Works fabulously. Thanks so much for the share ;)