Prefix Essentials

Prefix Essentials 2.0.4

No permission to buy (£20.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
Updates duration
12 months
Visible branding
Prefix Menus:


  • On the forum listing/index, there are menu items to view all threads prefixed with each prefix. These are limited to the prefix groups you enable (by editing the group in the admin panel).
  • Clicking one of the prefixes leads a new page that displays the threads with that prefix, regardless of the node it's in (respects user permissions).

Forum View Prefix Filter:


  • Makes it more convenient to filter the threads by prefix on the forum view. This can be done in XenForo by default but we moved the functionality to the top of the page and out of a drop down.
Last Post Info - Thread Prefix:


  • Display the prefix of the thread with the latest post for each node.
  • This can be toggled on or off with an option in the admin panel.
Ignore Prefixes


  • Threads with specific prefixes can be ignored via the user preferences
  • Threads are hidden in the last post information and in the thread lists
  • Watched threads and post update notifications continue as normal
Admin options


Terms And Conditions
  • The purchase price is £20 + VAT.
  • The renewal price is £10 + VAT.
  • Each license is valid for use on one site.
  • 12 months support renewals are in place; when your support runs up you can continue to use the add on but will not be able to receive updates until you renew it.
Stuart Wright
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Bug fix

    Bug fix for an error in 2.0.3
  2. Bug fix

    XF2.1 compatibility update
  3. Bug fix

    Ensure latest thread prefix in forum list is updated when a thread's prefix is update

Latest reviews

Excellent addon for forums with many prefixes. Support is top quality, and it is normal condition when you have addon from Stuart Wright and Xon.