PhpStorm Live Templates for XenForo 2

Beta PhpStorm Live Templates for XenForo 2 20210519

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Q: Why haven't you covered x-feature?
A: Because I haven't needed to. Feel free to add a suggestion in the comments.

Q: Can I contribute to templates to this?
A: Of course, just spec them out in the comments.

Q: How do I get <xf:textboxrow>, I only see <xf:textbox> suggested?
A: Most form field types are templated without the 'row' part in their name. Just use the xf:textbox template, and the 'row' part will be included as a variable that you can remove with a single backspace as you tab through the other variables. The same is true for xf:select, xf:checkbox etc...

Q: Why doesn't the template for x cover the possible item y?
A: These are just helpers, they are not designed for 100% coverage of the possible code permutations. If there's something really vital missing, let me know in the comments.

Q: How do I use Live Templates?

Q: I've imported the templates but they don't show up..?
A: If you're using IDE Settings Sync, you may need to do some manual moving of files see Sharing live templates

Q: Can I use these in Visual Studio Code?
A: Not directly, but @Myke623 has taken the time to prepare VSCode versions here: