[OzzModz] Tours and Hints

[OzzModz] Tours and Hints 2.1.7 Patch Level 1

No permission to buy ($50.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.1
  2. 2.2
Single Use License (may be used on one website)
Updates duration
Lifetime for Xenforo versions listed above
Visible branding
Yes, but removable without payment
With this add-on, you can create unlimited tours and hints on your site for any part that you want. Using its dedicated panel, you can easily manage your tours and hints separately and re order them as you wish.

Using the usergroup permissions, and user and page criteria, you can fully control where, when and to whom display the tours and hints.

Using the included Moder (dark) and Simple (light) theme, you can match the tours and hints with your style.

  • Tour and Hint title
  • Tour and Hint Message
  • Order
  • Identifier (to target the element of the page)
  • User Criteria
  • Page Criteria
  • Usergroup Permissions
  • User Preferences

Note 1: Full XF Criteria system is supported, so you can display any tour or hint, based on the time, user, page and ...
Note 2: 3rd party add-ons are also supported. As it is based on the page elements, it will work on any page of your XF 2.1.x site.

  • Can see tours
  • Can see hints
  • Can show/hide tours
  • Can show/hide hints
User account preferences:
  • Show/hide tours
  • Show/hide hints
  • Theme (Modern - Simple)

How to find element to target:
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I don't like giving such low ratings, but this addon just isn't ready for production websites. There are a list of issues I've brought up (look at posts #38-41 of the discussion thread) that have not been addressed and don't look like they ever will be. There's been no considerations made for mobile users, so out of the box you'll have a big crazy looking button taking up real estate space from this addon. The code is also broken and doesn't track html elements properly so the 'hints' don't appear where they are supposed to if you move the screen even the littlest bit, it breaks completely. With all due respect to the author of this addon, I can't recommend anyone use this, much less pay $30 for it. I've removed it from my website since my user retention has actually tanked by 50% since I started using it, since it seems to bring up more roadblocks than it solves.
If you really think it deserves 1-star, I respect your opinion. Thanks for your review. (but about forgetting the posts: that's expected. Chances are a lot to forget posts when they are all here. That's why I created a dedicated forum for each product. As you see, I never keep the bug reports open for as long as I can: https://xen-pro.com/forums/ha-site-tour-and-hint.8/) - first 1-star review after 6 years. (4 years ago, I received my first 3-stars review, and that also was by you) So in my 6 years activities in XF, among around 80 reviews I received, I think I only have these 2 non-5-stars only (maybe only 1 4-stars as well. and that's it). Anyways I always appreciated the time users/customers spent sharing their experience.
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