1. Dadparvar

    [XP] Tours and Hints 2.1.4

    With this add-on, you can create unlimited tours and hints on your site for any part that you want. Using its dedicated panel, you can easily manage your tours and hints separately and re order them as you wish. Using the usergroup permissions, and user and page criteria, you can fully control...
  2. otto

    Guide: Random Banners - automatically timed rotating out from a banner pool

    Banner - automatically timed rotating from a banner pool This is a realy simple way to view in a Xenforo template a set of banners by automatically timed rotating out from a banner pool. Sounds complicated but its simple. ;) Attention: this is will not be a complete step by step guide! I will...
  3. RobinHood

    Create an onboarding framework to introduce new users how to use the forum and add-ons

    Social media has made a name for itself as super easy to use. People log on, there's a white box, you type what you want, hit submit and out it goes to everyone. There's few options or things to go wrong. Sadly for many users that's all they know and what they expect. When you start to get a...
  4. ncbetz

    Unmaintained Change Reply Button Text

    Hi, I hate how it says "Reply" where it should say "Quote" (to match "+Quote"). So, this is a quick tutorial (2 minutes) that shows you how to do make these changes. First, login to your ACP. Navigate to Appearance > Phrases. Go to the search bar and tick the 'prefix match' box. Search for...