Node Icon spritesheet 1.1

Unmaintained Node Icon spritesheet 1.1 v1

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Summary: These are the node icons spritesheet for xenforo 1.1 because I had the related forum icons thread locked to make way for these icons. Included is a fully layered psd, and some png coloured variations though your able to make colour alterations yourself from the psd file provided in the attachment.

Install Notes: At this time they don't seem to reside in a specific folder I'll update this when 1.1 is released and pending it goes into another directory.

Additional Notes: When making colour alterations refer to the screenshot (below) it's pretty self explanatory and a matter of click layer pick colour and save. At this time obviously these are no needed until xenforo 1.1 is released.

Related Releases: The Squared node icons can be found in this thread

Note: I only have access to this area for a day so I won't be providing support. The process is very easy you will be fine making the necessary alterations when the time comes.


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Thank you. Very Useful.
Great, thanks bro.
Perfect, and easy to customize.. Looking forward to the square version.
Wow Shelly Thank you.
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