[Nobita] Social Groups (Teams/Guilds/Clubs)

Unmaintained [Nobita] Social Groups (Teams/Guilds/Clubs) 2.8.6

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# 2.8.6
* Fixed some icons outside of tile (#Ref: https://nobita.me/threads/1662/)
* Dropped use 'Roboto' font in some places.
* Added option to feature group with limited time. (#Ref: https://nobita.me/threads/1517/)
* Added feature `Merge groups`. Controlled by permission `Merge groups`.
* Fixed cannot view secret groups.
* Other improvements...

# 2.8.4
* Fixed missing phrases
* Remove unused phrases
* Fixed `InvalidArgumentException: Unknown widget type (*)`
* Fixed sidebar style issues
* Fixed Promoting Member: "Permissions" show "No" entirely (Ref: https://nobita.me/threads/1620/)
* Added option to archive all group forums. (New option: `Archive Group Forums`)
* Drop option `Display Order` while creating an forum. Now use automatically create display order value. Base `10000` then increment by `50`
* Fixed does not show group tabs in thread view in some cases.
* Fixed recent widget only show 1 thread (Ref: https://nobita.me/threads/1629/)
* Added column `event_count` into table `xf_team`. Must be rebuild group counters to update values.
* Fixed guest cannot view closed groups
* Other improvements...


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Fixed some errors.
Notable Changes:
  • Fixed forums tabs still show on closed groups for guest.
  • Fixed users has grant permission cannot manage group forums
  • Fixed when merge users. The target users does not contains exist groups of source users.
  • Added confirmation when remove an member
  • Fixed updated last group activity while rebuild group in ACP
  • Fixed category counter does not work in some cases
  • Many other bugs was fixed.
Please running Rebuild Group Categories and Rebuild Groups to recalculate counters.
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Fixed cannot join to any groups.
Thank you for using this add-on. This release continue fixed some issues from previous version and logic issues.

If you have any trouble while using add-on please take a few minutes report to support forum section: https://nobita.me/#nobita-social-groups.16
Notable Changes:
Notable Changes:

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  • Fixed some bugs.
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Notable Changes:
  • Added tools auto fixing miss columns in table structure.
  • Fixed call to undefined function get_model()


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Notable Changes:
  • Fixed media of groups still show to index page in some cases
  • Fixed undefined variable in Javascript
  • No need redirect to reposition cover when an cover uploaded
  • Fixed some bugs
Special thank to @Alfa1