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Multi Prefix

Multi Prefix 1.8.6

No permission to buy ($20.00)
Note; this update is not required (and will not do anything) for versions > 1.7.x
  • Revise pre-1.7.0 upgrade path to be restart-able hopefully without data-loss.
    • This process can take a long time depending on database and number of threads.

      Do not restart this upgrade if it times out.

      Please open a support ticket on https://atelieraphelion.com to investigate to confirm the migration code will restart successfully.
  • Fix setting thread prefix to "(any)" under "Thread Display Options"
  • Fix an issue where a thread attribute that should be skipped for logging could be logged
  • Fix "Set Thread Options" forum filter
  • Fix thread prefix moderator logging
  • Fix Prefix Essential's prefix filtering support
Likes: eva2000
  • Update installer to populate required link tables so pre-install threads can still be filtered by prefix
Likes: eva2000
  • Support bulk-update prefixes via admin tools
  • Support Prefix Essential's prefix counting
Likes: eva2000
  • Fix error when merging threads and merging prefixes
Likes: eva2000
  • Enforce forum maximums again, as the 1.7.x upgrade broke them
  • Push max prefix's to front-end for user editing threads or thread titles.
    • Moderator aspects can potentially enter more prefixes but the backend will say no.
  • Update installer to be more robust at validating the old prefixes
Likes: eva2000
  • Fix installer when Resource Manager is installed