Multi Prefix

Unmaintained Multi Prefix 1.8.16

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  • Catch case where correct index usage does not always happen when filtering a forum by a prefix
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  • Workaround for mysql de-optimizer generating vastly under performant queries when filtering by prefix in some forums
  • Bulk CLI rebuild script
  • Improve prefix rebuild logic for single prefixes (ensure prefix_id/xm_prefixes stay in sync)
  • Ensure "too many prefixes warning" is not repeated
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  • Restore filtering by multiple prefixes requires all prefixes to match
  • Rewrite prefix filtering in forum & resource categories to be more efficient
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  • Compatibility fix for UI.X Dark prefix box extending off the side of it's container
  • Fix error on creating a resource or changing it's category
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  • Correctly handle single prefixes in moderator log. Background fixup task should correct any outstanding log entries.
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Note; this update is not required (and will not do anything) for versions > 1.7.x
  • Revise pre-1.7.0 upgrade path to be restart-able hopefully without data-loss.
    • This process can take a long time depending on database and number of threads.

      Do not restart this upgrade if it times out.

      Please open a support ticket on to investigate to confirm the migration code will restart successfully.
  • Fix setting thread prefix to "(any)" under "Thread Display Options"