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  1. 1.4
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This addon allows you to create awesome professional looking prefixes with no need to know CSS or anything else. You upload the contents to your host (server) and install like any other addon. Once you have installed the addon you will go to create a new prefix like normal. Except the screen will look a little different. You will now see a tab called Customize.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 3.55.30 PM.png

After you have set the prefix Title make sure to click the Other, using custom CSS class name: radio button. In this area you can type anything you want like Name or prefixName for example. When you get done on this screen set the Forums and Permissions under that tab. Then when you are ready to customize the prefix click the Customize tab. That will then bring up the window seen in the new screenshot.


All you have to do now is enter the values in the spots you want to customize and then hit the Save Thread Prefix button and your new prefix is ready to use with the customizations you made. At the bottom where it shows the output you don't actually have to copy and paste into the extra.css template anymore. Also you seen in the pic above that there is a drop down for FontAwesome (must already be installed or know how to install I cannot provide assistance with this) that has all the current FA icons in the list. You can see the prefixes made with this addon on my site.

Fixed an issue with images apparently not showing.

To be added list: Font text size to make smaller prefixes.
Ernest L. Defoe
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Latest updates

  1. Added color picker and fixed bugs

    In this update the color picker like used in Style Properties has been added and bugs with...
  2. Added text size option

    This version adds the option to edit the text size in the prefixes.

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Doesn't work for me. Installed it as described but when i go click on customize in the create prefix page. nothing shows up. I rate it 2 stars because the idea is pretty nice, and is desperately needed baseline.
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