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Unmaintained Mobile Device Home Screen Icons (tested with iOS and Android) 1.0

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NOTE: This update is for instructional purposes only. You do not need to redownload or reinstall the add-on.

I have created this update just to confirm that this add on does indeed create a mobile icon that appears when people add a shortcut to your site on their Android device.

DISCLAIMER: This has been tested on the Android 2.2, 3.0 and 4.0 SDK. Due to the nature of the Android software, although I can confirm these icons will work on the stock installs of these Android versions, I cannot confirm that they will work on specific devices. HTC, Samsung and all of the other major Android manufacturers often make major changes to the Android operating system which may mean these icons aren't actually used on some devices.

How to do it

Ok, it's just as simple as installing the add on. No further customisation is necessary.

Your users will need to use the default Android browser (not Chrome or Firefox) to navigate to your website.

They will then need to add your site as a Bookmark.

Once the site is added as a bookmark, they need to find an empty space on their home screen (or whatever you call it on Android!).

They will tap and hold on the empty space and find the option to Add a Bookmark to the screen.

Selecting the Bookmark for your site, adds the shortcut to your screen:

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