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Q : Why use this template syntax instead of CSS media query ?
A : That is personal preference. But personally i think hiding content with CSS is not "100% proper", because the browser still loads the HTML code. And it depends on your case too.

Q : Why mobile detection result is wrong ? (for example mobile phone is not detected as mobile)
A : Try live demo of the library that i use here :
If the result there is wrong, then their user agent database is incorrect / outdated.

Q : How to uninstall this addon?
A : Please remove all custom function of this addon (such as cutemb_is_mobile) in your templates before uninstalling.

Q : I still want to use this add on with guest page caching enabled, and i only use cutemb_is_mobile() and i don't use other functions such as cutemb_is_chrome().
A : The answer is quite long :
  1. You create a PHP file, named guest_page_caching_mobile_detect.php in your /src/
  2. Open this
    Copy and paste the content into your guest_page_caching_mobile_detect.php
  3. Find Line #25
    class Mobile_Detect

    Change into
    class Guest_Page_Caching_Mobile_Detect
  4. Backup your config.php to your local computer.
  5. Open your config.php file and add these lines (line position doesn't matter)
    $_detect = new Guest_Page_Caching_Mobile_Detect();
    define('MY_IS_MOBILE', intval($_detect->isMobile()));
  6. Open /xrc/XF/PageCache.php, backup a copy to your local computer.
  7. Find this line (#264) :
    return 'page_' . sha1($uri) . '_' . strlen($uri) . "_s{$styleId}_l{$languageId}_v" . self::CACHE_VERSION;
  8. Change into :
    return 'page_' . sha1($uri) . '_' . strlen($uri) . "_s{$styleId}_l{$languageId}_v" . self::CACHE_VERSION.'_m'.constant('MY_IS_MOBILE');
  9. Save.
  10. Now guest page caching should work in both mobile & non-mobile. :)
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