1. X

    Browser Detection 2.0.0

    A light-weight shim around Mobile_detect for XenForo 2 Usage (in templates) The add-on injects the global variable $xf.mobileDetect, check that the variable is set before calling any methods to prevent errors during upgrades or if the add-on is disabled. <xf:if is="$xf.mobileDetect &&...
  2. S

    Unmaintained Mobile / Browser Detection in Template 1

    Tested with XF 2.1.2. Not tested yet with XF 2.0, but i think it should work. Check FAQ section above. With this addon you can use template syntax in any template like this : <xf:if is="cutemb_is_mobile()"> You are using mobile <xf:else /> You are not using mobile </xf:if> <xf:if...
  3. Umar Asari

    Add-on Register With Phone Number In Xenforo

    Hi everyone! Is possible to register by phone no in xenforo?? Any addon???
  4. Jeremy P

    Unmaintained Clickable Rows 3.0.5

    This add-on will enable clicking anywhere inside of node, discussion, member, and search listings to open content. Great for mobile visitors! (Note how you can click anywhere on the thread list to open a thread.) This add-on requires PHP 5.4+! Trying to install it on earlier versions will...