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Member Notes 1.2

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Excellent free add on! This is a simple yet very powerful tool! I implemented this with one of our forums that needed to keep certain information about staff members. Thanks
An amazing plugin. Throughout the past couple of months of running a gaming community, I have dreamed of a plugin like this. I am happy we switched to Xenforo and you could make my wishes come true! Thanks!
Andy is a Great guy, I use many of Andy’s add-ons, he does not just create an add-on, he creates a solution for most everything.

Andy created this much needed wonderful add-on and it is just what I wish was core. It is very handy to access any member’s info with just a click of your mouse.

I was hoping there was a way to keep track of member’s names and other info on them. Not to mention private notes about their forum actions.

Now there is: I was using this nice add-on to keep private information about our members. Like members real names, so when I post a reply on their posts, I can now respond by their name, thus making my responses more personal.

Plus I now keep and have their phone numbers, addresses, donation amounts and other private notes that I want to keep confidential right at my finger tips.

Thanks Andy, I’m loving this add-on
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