Unmaintained Math 3.1.0

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This update will reset the content of CMTV_Math_js and CMTV_Math_macros templates. Make sure to backup your math macros before installing it!

Math options​

Added a new options page in "Options" called "Math options":


On this page you can customize main "Math" addon options:
  • Math macros
  • Custom math delimiters
  • Igonre math in elements with classes

Auto-convertation to BB codes​

When writing posts, profile posts and all other messages that work in BB context, you can use math delimiters specified in "Math options".

For example, when writing a post in thread the following text:

Hello world! I have a real number $x$. How do I solve this? $$ y = kx + b $$

will be converted into:

Hello world! I have a real number [imath]x[/imath]. How do I solve this? [math]y = kx + b[/math]

Styling improvements​

Scrollbars are automatically added to formulas that are too wide:


Also, reduced the margins before and after block formulas.
Added a two bbcodes for math rendering: math for block math and imath for inline math.
Smilies and other bbcodes are not rendering withing these two tags.
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Please, read the installation instructions!

From 3.0 the addon uses KaTeX math renderer instead of MathJax (because KaTeX is faster and causes less problems).

Be aware. Some very complex formulas that work in MathJax might not work in KaTeX. See supported functions for more info. If you want to stay with MathJax — do not update!


  • Works in XF 2.2
  • New math renderer — KaTeX
  • Reduced the size of addon (less files)
  • Works faster
  • Long equations are automatically break into few lines (yep, no more horizontal scrollbars)


  • Fixed a bug with wrong math delimiters from "Inswer math" dialog


  1. Remove the previous version of this addon including files (remove src/addons/CMTV/Math and js/CMTV/Math folders)
  2. Install this version as a normal addon
  3. In ACP go to "Content/BB code button manager" and an "Insert math" button to your editor
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Fixed bugs
  • Math is rendering correctly in all previews
Math 2.1.0 was rewritten from scratch. It is not compatible with previous addon versions and XF below 2.1! There is no way to upgrade existing addon!

Remove installed Math addon from you forum. After this install this version as a new addon!

  • Improved addon stability, better code quality
  • Using the latest version of MathJax
  • All previously reported bugs should disappear now
  • Removed Wiris editor (it is a commercial software and requires a license)
  • MathJax by default uses the current chosen forum language
  • Improved XF Resource Manager support
  • "LaTeX input" textarea resizes automatically
  • More options to control MathJax behaviour
  • Customizable "Insert math" button position (by default you can find it in "Insert" dropdown)
  • XF 2.1 and PHP 7+ are required now to install the addon
Fixed a bug with test help page.

  1. Copy all the contents from upload folder to your forum root
  2. Go to ACP and perform an upgrade
  3. Go to src/addons/Math/_data and remove help_pages.xml if it is there
  4. Rebuild addon data
Added Wiris (MathType) math editor support. You can now insert math with a handy visual editor and even with handwriting support!


Raw LaTeX input is supported.
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a critical bug that blocked other editor buttons to work. "Insert code", "Insert spoiler" and other buttons with custom overlay GUI are working now!
This is critically important update. The "Insert math" dialog was not working correctly. Update, please!

Fixed bugs
  • Fixed another problem with "Insert math" button when all other buttons stayed untranslated
Fixed bugs
  • Removed test help page
  • Localisation now applied for "Insert math" button
  • Typo errors fixes
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