1. CMTV

    Unmaintained Math 3.1.0

    Description This addon will turn all LaTeX math on your forum to a fancy, sharp and scalable math! It also adds the "Insert math" button to an editor that greately simplifies the process of adding math to your messages, threads, pages and so on. It also works with xenForo AJAX (loading content...
  2. Enay

    XF 1.5 XenForo & MathJax

    Hello! I installed MathJax on my forum, but there is a problem. When previewing and adding posts, the forum does not generate a formula but shows only the code. The formula appears only after reloading the page with the code placed in the message. How to make sure that when you preview and add...
  3. K

    XF 1.5 MathJax on XenForo

    I am new to XenForo. Our forum is up and working with several add-ons, and now I need to get MathJax working. I have tried to follow the instructions here: including adding the MathJax javascript callout to the...
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