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Mass Prune Spammers / Users 1.0.0

Mass delete users based on spam search criteria

  1. shabbirbhimani
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.4
    • 1.5
    Visible Branding:
    XenForo has awesome spam prevention options but there is very little that can be done about human spammers. From time to time you have to prune those human spammers who don't add any value to the community and just drop links in user profile. This addon allows you to search those link drops and prune them. Apart from that you can also search:
    • Part of email and email domains (@mail.ru), multiple full emails
    • Users in particular user group
    • Number of messages posted and trophies count
    • Registration date range, Last activity date range
    • User states (Valid, bounced, awaiting confirmation ...)
    • Banned, Discouraged
    Unselect users that you think are genuine and then click Prune Users button to remove them completely from Xenforo.

    Note that this plugin does not ask for any confirmation when you click Prune Users button and will straight away delete the selected users.

    Key point to note: This is users prune system and so it does not remove user's content like profile posts or posts in threads. Those content will remain in the threads as guest posts. Ideally you should only use this plugin to delete users with no posts.

    Install / Uninstall

    Installation is as usual. Upload the PruneUsers folder to library folder and import the XML file as new addon.

    Once installed go to ACP > Users > Prune Users (Link in the left sidebar Under Users)

    Uninstallation, just uninstall the addon from the admin folder and then remove the PruneUsers folder completely from the library folder.

    If you are looking for any custom functionality or want your custom profile fields to be added in search, you can start a conversation with me. Will be more than happy to help.
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