Unmaintained Lottery 1.0.1

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Hi all

Here is a list of whats changed in the lottery system.

First there is a new home page where you choose what game you want to play.
You can now choose Lottery or Scratch Cards

Yes thats right i have now added scratch cards to the lottery system.
In the admincp when adding a new scratch card you can upload the images needed for the scratch card so making them your own.

Also added Reckons Team Credits system to this new version.
Also if you have the bingo system installed it will also show in the main index page of the lottery system.

Upgrade the lottery system as you would with any other add-on from xenforo.
Once upgraded you will have to goto the lottery options and select your credits system again,
The reason for this is its been changed and added more credit systems.
If you dont do this you will get errors on your lotter system


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