LiteSpeed Cache for XF2 - Community

LiteSpeed Cache for XF2 - Community 2.2.2

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Just found out about this add-on and it significantly improved my forum speed. Thanks for making this available!
Litespeed is AWESOME! The litespeed cache helps avoid PHP processing and serve dynamic content as if it was static which really helps speed up the response and use less server resources!
So far working well on a shared Litespeed server at Veerotech hosting. Server resources have dropped considerably from my older VPS. There was an issue with some desktop/mobile settings with another plugin, but Michael at Litespeed responded very quickly with a fix to resolve the mobile cookies/caching issue on this discussion thread.
Thanks for creating this AddOn. Performance of website is remarkable once I enabled this AddOn. Appreciate the work that went into this.
Significantly speeds up page views for guests. Resource usage appears to be lower due to less database queries.
Finally, I can make use of the clever Litespeed Caching for my Xenforo install. Makes a big difference to the site's performance, so thank you for all your efforts.
Michael A.
Michael A.
Thank you for the kind words Victoria.
Long awaited and appears to be working well! Looks like they put a lot into getting it to work considering it as at full speed with XF1.*. Glad to see the developers still actively working on this.
Michael A.
Michael A.
Glad to hear that it is working well for you.
As a XenForo developper and big board owner, I worked with the LiteSpeed team to make this addon available to the XenForo customers.
I have been using it for a month on my board, and LSCache for XenForo 2 his a must have addon when you own a XenForo forum with LiteSpeed : it's reducing server load and can even reduce the impact of L7 DDOS attacks.
Michael A.
Michael A.
Thank you for your review Jean-Baptiste, and of course thank you for your contributions towards the release of this plugin! :D