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Unmaintained Listing Threads In Particular Forums 1.0.6

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Another addon which displays copyright on all pages for a little feature.
Thanks for developing this! Glad others are enjoying it. Probably one of the most underutilized but valuable add-ons here on XF!! My users love it.
seriously useful. should be core.
I installed then un-installed after i seen the copyright notice at the bottom of the forum :( It does work well though. Thanks anyway.
What problems you get? I noticed this Addon include an copyright ;) So want to remove copyright please contact with me ;)
Seriously useful little addon. I suspect the name does it a disservice, causing many members to pass it by. If you want a quick way to look at all threads posted by members, that goes beyond XF's 200 threads default limit - and be able exclude certain forums from that view/count if you want - then grab this little jewel.