Kotomi - Generic script bridge

Unmaintained Kotomi - Generic script bridge 0.0.1

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If you have a need to quickly paste in some php code to make a page, this addon is for you. For those who can't code but have a working script or snippet they want to add, using this would be called 'the easy way'.
This was excellent for getting a new page onto my site, with limited time (and the lack of Xenforo modding knowledge) to do so.
Most worthwhile addon I think I've downloaded so far. Let me take my site to the next level. 10/10 would download again twice. Lets me make all the pages!
This is a must for sites with custom external pages that you wish to integrate into a forum. The only way it would be better is to have forms to fill out within the options area.
Very good way of creating a forum-branded page on which you can do anything, including using the INCLUDE command in PHP to include your own script.
Great add-on. Very useful since I can now include everything I need to :)
Love it :D
amazing plugin for thos who can't make addons
Makes things a lot easier for me <3