Keyword Linking by Siropu

Keyword Linking by Siropu 1.5.1

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There was a need of a good keyword management addon and Siropu was kind enough to create this addon for people who wish to have big numbers of keywords. His very famous Ads Manager addon already is capable of using keyword linkings, but that one is not designed to hold many keywords. This one does! This keyword addon combined with Bob's SC or AMS addons will be very powerful as one can create a pretty awesome Wiki content. I can highly recommend the developer as his support is just excellent. Thank you.
This is a solid addon for auto tags & keyword linkings. High quality code and great features. This addon make a huge SEO improments for my site.
I just want to publicly repeat my thoughts about Siropu.

His support is excellect and it can't be better than that honestly. He doesn't quit on you and finds solutions to the problems which may arise. Thank you!
This plugin is a must have if you want to monetize...
It works perfectly and Siropu's support is always more than perfect.
Good Addon, and so useful for my forum. I will use it in a custom lexicon I made with core functions this addon and the alphabetical addon from au lait.
This is a solid addon for any board that monetizes through affiliate links. Developer has been amazing adding and improving features based on feedback. With a lot of web traffic using ad blockers… addons like this are a great alternative to generate revenue. Also of course, you can also use this for adding descriptions or definitions for keywords relevant to your board. Solves two requirements with solid user interface and tons of customization options. Love it.
Awesome add on, great for linking to preferred resources, affiliate websites, and other keyword definitions.
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