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Keypic protects your web site from spam without CAPTCHA.

Keypic solution is an efficient spam prevention tool without CAPTCHA. Unlike other alternatives to CAPTCHA, Keypic doesn't annoy users.

With Keypic, your users won't have to enter wavy numbers and silly words. Our web service analizes the users' behaviour and efficiently separates legit users from robots and spammers.

For You:
No Spam registrations, No Spam posts, No Spam submitted through contact forms, no spammers and no spam bots and more... Just a strong anti spam protection and growing User Engagement.

For Your Users:
No unintelligible words, No silly questions, No riddles, No puzzles, No counting objects, no math, no wasting time... Just a positive User Experience. Keypic takes care of your security

  • Spammer Checking during Registration process
  • Spammer Checking during Posting process
  • Spammer Checking during Login process
  • Spammer Checking during Contact process

Use Keypic Anti Spam Protection for Free and Get Paid
You can use Keypic Anti Spam Protection for free. In this case we put an ad banner in the form and you can earn revenues from showing them (see Keypic T&C for details). If you do not want to show third party ads then you can subscribe to one of our packages relevant to your needs. In this case you'll get a transparent pixel, invisible for human's eyes.

  • Register and log-in to our site (
  • Generate FormID
  • Upload the files inside "UPLOAD" folder.
  • Upload the addon-keypic.xml file inside XML folder through admin control panel
  • Configure Keypic Settings (Enter FormID Generated in step 2)
  • Installation Complete!
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