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Unmaintained Integrating Galleria ( For Xenforo Galeria V.1.2.7

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Hi Guys,

I just found this interesting topic on a forum that explained how to integrate Galleria ( into Xenforo.

Here is the instructions:

Note: Must have Custom BBcode Manager installed if you want to use this Add-on.

- Upload all content of the attached files into you ROOT forum

Then go to Appearance --> Styles --> "Templates" of the style that you want to use this Add-on, find:


Add this code at the bottom (below: "<!--XenForo_Require:JS-->"):

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/galleria/themes/folio/galleria.folio.css">
<script src="galleria/galleria-1.2.7.min.js"></script>
<script src="galleria/themes/folio/galleria.folio.min.js"></script>

There are 3 themes in the attached file (Folio, Twelve, Classic), you may change the RED COLOR by the link of CSS and THEMES that you want to use. Here, i'm using "Folio" theme.

Next, go to ACP>>BB Code Manager >> Create a new BB Code as below screenshot:



For someone who "lazy" to type ;):


In "PHP Callback" input this:

KingK_BbCodeManager_BbCode_Formatter_Default ::parseTagGalleria

Then go to "Helps" page --> "BB Codes" List to check the Example.


However, after i followed all above steps to set up this, everything seems to be fine except for the size of original images increased as same as full screen images, and of course, it is losing images quality.

Moreover, there is no caption that displayed on the images as well.


BUT, here is one site that i known this was successfully set up:


As you can see, above site displayed very well the size of the image and also the caption (I'm using the same size of image with above site).

Or you can check this out:

FINALLY, the purpose of posting this here, i just want to find someone who is able to fix, develop this code and i'm willing to purchase for it or may be a donation.

Or, you also can use it if you want.

Please PM me if you are interested or think that u can do it.

Thanks guys !
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