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Integrating Galleria ( For Xenforo Galeria V.1.2.7

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Ji2myTran submitted a new resource:

Integrating Galleria ( For Xenforo - Galleria

Hi Guys,

I just found this interesting topic on a forum that explained how to integrate Galleria ( into Xenforo.

Here is the instructions:

Note: Must have Custom BBcode Manager installed if you want to use this Add-on.

- Upload all content of the attached files into you ROOT forum

(DOWNLOAD the file at the below link as i don't know why i couldn't upload it...

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Ernest L. Defoe

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Make sure you have the folder in Library as some people don't create a Library folder then put the addon folder in it. I have that error all the time when I forget that the folder needs to go in the Library folder.

Ernest L. Defoe

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That's usually the only time I get the "Please enter a valid callback method" error is when the addon folder isn't in the library folder. Other than that I am not sure what's going on with it then.