Inactive Members

Inactive Members 4.1

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Inactive Members v2.2 changes:

1) Added option to run from Cron.
2) Added Option to exclude users. The latest topics that are included with the email can now exclude certain thread starters in addition to the other many options.
Inactive Members v2.1 changes:

Fix font type so that it's consistent throughout the email.
Inactive Members v2.0 changes:

Fix malformed html code which produced incomplete table output when viewing email in Gmail.
Inactive Members v1.9 changes:

Added code to exclude soft deleted threads from being included in the email.

Copy library/Andy/InactiveMembers to your server and upgrade the XML file.
Inactive Members v1.8 changes:

1) Found small bug in whereclause
2) Remove trailing comma if added to forums ID's
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Inactive Members v1.7 changes:

1) Added User Group Permissions
2) Provide feedback when batch emails are being sent out
3) Add code to avoid timeouts
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Found a condition where the unsubscribe link and the lost password link would not work if admin is not using full friendly URLs.

Inactive Members v1.6 corrects this problem.
Corrects a problem dealing with Friendly URLs. Those forums which do not use Friendly URLs had the incorrect link to the popular threads in the emails. Inactive Members v1.5 corrects this problem.
In version 1.3 I explained how I made a code change to send the batch emails to the queue. Well sorry I messed up on the code change and this version corrects that error.

Version 1.4 will send batch emails to the queue. This is an important upgrade.

Thank you.
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I changed the code to send the batch emails to a mail queue. This should resolve timeout issues.