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Unmaintained IMDb BBCode 1.0

Have movie information on your site

  1. SportainmentMG
    Well this is pretty basic.

    This places an iframe in your message when the code is used and pulls information from IMDb to post on your website.

    Note: You need to have Custom BBCode Manager installed on your site.

    Extract the file -> Go to BBCode Manager -> Import New BBCode -> Select BBCode_imdb and install.

    What is does:
    Now when someone is search imdb and wishes to post information all they need to look at is the link from tt onwards.

    For example:
    Is the link for Batman: The Dark Knight Rises 2012.

    In a post you will add [ imdb]tt345836[/ imdb] (without the spaces) and it will deliver the Batman: The Dark Knight Rises information to the post.

    Demo @ Horrorland Online



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  1. resonansER
    Version: 1.0
    Thank you SO MUCH!!! Works FINE!