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Unmaintained IMDb BBCode 1.0

Have movie information on your site

  1. SportainmentMG

    SportainmentMG Active Member

    SportainmentMG submitted a new resource:

    IMDb BBCode (version 1.0) - Have movie information on your site

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. SportainmentMG

    SportainmentMG Active Member

    ** Reserved for upgrade/update information **
    Capture.PNG Added Screenshot for those who couldn't click a link.
  3. RobinHood

    RobinHood Well-Known Member

    If you have Windows 7 you can type 'Snip' into the start menu to get a program that allows you to take screenshots
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  4. SportainmentMG

    SportainmentMG Active Member

    Seem I am not any good at graphics I don't really go poking around but have now added a screenshot from my site that displays it.
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  5. duydangle

    duydangle Active Member

    Thanks for this but I think if you can extract data from imdb it's better than just make an iframe from an imdb page.
  6. SportainmentMG

    SportainmentMG Active Member

    Feel free to give it a shot. What I saw was people asking for imdb information on their site and this was a quick and simple way to achieve it.

    When asking for assistance with anything imdb related it isn't really that forthcoming which is why I thought I would bite the bullet and share the bbcode that I had.

    Due to its simplicity that is why it is released as a BBCode and not re-written and re-released as an addon, as to do that you would have to start messing with templates etc but I invite anyone and everyone to give it a shot and to use some of the code from the xml file if needed to get you started after all we are all here to help.
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  7. DRE

    DRE Well-Known Member

    Is this still working in Xenforo 1.2?
  8. gasg

    gasg Member

    I just see a white empty box when I add a [imdb] ttf code [/imdb]
  9. Littlebigdunc

    Littlebigdunc Member

    Is this plugin still supported? Looking at using it on the latest version of xenforo

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