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Unmaintained [Ice] Shop 1.0.2

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The purchases doesn't show up, when someone buys something it doesn't show up either for them. You get no notification upon a purchase, it doesn't do half of what the features say it does. The owner doesn't reply or work on this as far as I can see. It's another amazing addon that has became inactive :/
Average rating. It's a very basic shop but does not include items in profile view or mini profile view ... or anywhere, really. Does not include a thumbnail and is a bit difficult to configure. Very good basic structure, though.
Very good
nice addon
Awesome. Just amazing, love the fact that this is with the usergroups. Although now I am afraid that I'll have too many usergroups. Is it possible for users to choose their username styling themselves, as in customize it by themselves?
This would probably have to be another add-on... It's a good idea, I might consider trying something like this.
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