Highlight and Separate Sticky Threads

Unmaintained Highlight and Separate Sticky Threads 2017-12-04

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Thanks, this was extremely helpful. It's great not to have to edit a different template or use an addon to make the sticky threads stand out. I modified it a little to just have a border. Works great!
Excellent, thanks for sharing this, works perfectly. I am migrating from a SMF 2.0 forum which has this feature which really helps to distinguish a sticky topic from a regular topic.
Works great, thanks for this add-on. I appreciate the three different options included. Simple, but I think it's an important feature.
Works great, excellent change with great effect for very few lines of css code. Thank you for sharing
Very simple, does what it says on the tin, thank you! best of all, it is 100% free :) fngcommunity.com is my website if you want to see example.
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