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Unmaintained [] WaterMark Add-on 1.2

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Works great in XF 1.5.24 and the latest PHP Version. Great job here. Recommend you update option so users can add their own watermark.
Perfect work, running on XenForo version 1.5 am very satisfied, thank you very much :-)
@-Andromeda,true your Path?
visitors is not see watermarks ? xenforo 1.5 how can i do ? can help me ?
Love this resource, thanks! :)
Works great! Thanks. :)
Awesome thanks :)
great! Thank you!
Very ery very very usefull!!! Thanks bro!
Added support for XFR User Albums is a great feature and was added within 48 hours of my request! Awesome!
Really good start for this addon and a quick patch to get different watermark locations. Once this adds support for XFR User Albums I will rate this 5 stars.