HashTagging 2.2.2

No permission to buy ($25.00)
With a thanks to @Chris D, this add on now supports XenMediaGallery media. You can use #tags in the descriptions of your media and it'll show up in the clouds. To add pre-existing media to the cloud, rebuild the "Media" search index.
This should be the last beta version. It includes a widget for bd widget framework. It also includes a bug fix for watched tags. I've also modified the regex, with some help from @tmc, which allows words with non-english characters to be included. You'll need to rebuild the search index if you want these to appear.
Beta 3 adds in the ability to watch tags.

Cloud.png Watch.png
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Fixed the following bugs:
  • Hashtags used within code, php, url, or quote tags will be ignored.
  • Fixed a sql error for a tag being too long (200 character max).
  • Fixed load times for loading the tag cloud.
More Content
I've made it so that XenMods HashTagging doesn't have to only work with posts. It can easily work with any content type. By default it works with:
  • Posts
  • Profile Posts
  • Resource Manager Resources & Updates
More Efficient
Instead of running on a cron and having your tag clouds and content delayed, everything runs through the search index so it's instant. In addition, it makes the initial install of the add on quicker. To compile your existing content with tags, you must rebuild your search index (you can rebuild just the type of content you want to be in the hashtag system). This change also allows for big boards to use the system. It was rather unusable before. It also removes the need for a max post age, now all content can be included.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue with links being picked up; for example: /thread/title.id/#post-15 would result in #post being a tag.
  • Fixed the option to remove the # on output. Before this broke the system entirely. Now it should work fine.
Numbers can also now be included within the tag, before #Winter2014 wouldn't result in the entire phrase being a tag -- only "#Winter" would be, now the numbers are included. You can also include a "-".

The price has been increased due, this doesn't effect existing license holders. If you bought this add on before, you don't have to rebuy it. If you can't download it, send me a message with your transaction id and email and I'll fix it.
Created a widget for "bd Widget Framework".
Fixed two bugs:
Not seeing posts within the cloud that were in private boards the user has access to

Quotes not looking right within the cloud.​
- Adjusted the sidebar
- Moved side bar under stats and who's online.

- Compiled two xml files, one for xf1.2 and one for xf1.1.x
-- 1.1 can't take advantage of the sidebar, everything else should work.
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To help bigger boards be able to use this addon without a drop in performance a cron job has been added that runs every 15 minutes to update the tagged content. Now all hash tag content is pulled from the cache instead of the database on every load (technically the cache is in the database but you know what I mean).

An option in the admin panel has also been added to remove the navigation link all together.
Queries were modified to load faster, Options were added to the admin panel to hide the submenu of Hashtags and the sidebar on the index.
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