Unmaintained HashTagging 2.2.2

No permission to buy ($25.00)
  • Do not flag a post as containing a hashtag which is part of bbcode
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  • Fix undefined class error when posting an image or link
  • Add no-follow links to hashtag links
  • Uses Twitter's definition of a hashtag, enabling UTF8 support for displaying hashtags
    • Requires the mbstring php extension
  • Make number of items in hashtags submenu (ie 10 top most popular) configurable.
    • Previous text implied it was the top 10, but was hard coded to only fetched 5 hashtags.
  • Fix error updating from < 2.1.1
  • Update version_id so SQL for watched hashtags is appplied
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  • Fix error on watching hashtags longer than >30 characters.
  • Rebuilt installer code.
  • Return 25 recent hashtags not 10, in the /hashtag page to match the text.
  • Convert nearly all SQL queries to parameterized queries. One query remains, but does type coercion before constructing the SQL.
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  • Use utf8 safe lowercasing for hashtag string.
  • Respect maximum tag length of 200 characters.
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Maintenance update
  • Update installer to convert character collation to UTF-8/binary
  • Convert Branding to point to Atelier Aphelion
  • Install the optional extra add-on to disable branding
I've taken over this add-on from @Daniel Hood, and it's now available on my site, Atelier Aphelion, for purchase and download. All future versions will be there, as well.

If you have a current license for this add-on, you can register it there (instructions are available here). You'll get a license from me (terms here), for the remaining duration of your original license, plus another 30 days - just a friendly gesture because of the inevitable delays caused by the hand-over.

My plan is to review and update this add-on to address any outstanding issues. Because I've taken over almost all of @Daniel Hood's add-ons, it might take me a while to get to this one.

To improve support, the requirements for this add-on have been updated:
  • php 5.4+
  • Xenforo 1.3+
What's New:
  • Weighting options to allow newer posts to bubble up.
  • Censorship applies to tags now.
  • Additional caching mechanisms introduced.
  • Tags in private nodes won't show in the list anymore (used to result in an empty tag cloud)
  • Database schema changes for better storing and allowing non-english characters.
A big thank you goes to Jim Boy for his help optimizing this add on for use with big boards.