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[HA] Featured Members (+ Verified Badge) 1.5.0

Feature members and give them verified badge

  1. Dadparvar
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.5
    Visible Branding:

    Have you ever seen in facebook or twitter or instagram some accounts have verified badge? This add-on let you have the same functionality in your xenforo + a few more features.

    • Ability to set if you want the badges to be FA icons or images
    • Ability to set any user as Featured Member and/or Verified Member.
    • Verified Members will have a verified badge next to their username (everywhere that xf supports rich username)
    • Featured Members will have a featured badge next to their username (everywhere that xf supports rich username)
    • When you hover the mouse over the badges, it will show a tooltip explaining the badge.
    • There is 2 Widget Renderer for Widget Framework to let you display Featured Members and Verified Members everywhere, anyway.
    • There is two options to let you replace your own badge.
    • There is a style property to let you customize the badges.
    • An option to let you diplay featured badge in opposite side
    • An option to let you displat verified badge in opposite side
    • an option to hide featured badge from postbit
    • an option to hide verified badge from postbit
    • 4 User Criteria :
      • User is Featured
      • User is Verified
      • User is Not Featured
      • User is Not Verified

    Hope to be useful and you enjoy this add-on. If you like this add-on, don't forget to support it by your review. Donations are always welcome.

    Hamed Azimi (Dadparvar)


    1. featured-member.gif
    2. featured-member-5.png
    3. featured-members-1.png
    4. featured-members-2.png
    5. featured-members-3.png
    6. featured-members-4.png
    7. fm1.png
    8. fm2.png
    9. fm3.png
    10. fm4.png
    11. vb-tl.png
    12. vb-tl-2.png
    13. vb-tl-o.png
    14. fm-uc.png
    15. fm.png
    16. fm-b.gif
    17. fm-options.png
    18. fm-sp.png
    19. fm-hide-postbit.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. hide badges from postbit!
  2. font awesome badges!
  3. hot fix!

Recent Reviews

  1. FikirBanka
    Version: 1.5.0
    I installed it because it is a very useful add-on. It works perfectly. I even translated my own language :)
    1. Dadparvar
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review FikirBanka :)

      Glad to see you find it useful

      Hope you enjoy using it
  2. Tattooed Theist
    Tattooed Theist
    Version: 1.5.0
    wonderful, well done. I'm looking into other add-ons you're developing because of this one. Thank you for this!
    1. Dadparvar
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review :)

      Glad to see you like it

      Hope you enjoy using this and other addons by me
  3. Webbyofchaos
    Version: 1.3.2
    This is exactly what I needed for the larger community I run. Thank you so much for this wonderful addon! :)
    1. Dadparvar
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review :)

      Good to hear that you like it and is useful in your case.

      Hope you enjoy using it.
  4. Devil™
    Version: 1.2.1
    Because it is exactly what i am looking for. Thanks. Hopefully more nice addons / updates will come to us from you.
    1. Dadparvar
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review :)

      Hope you enjoy using it
  5. Webbyofchaos
    Version: 1.1.0
    I love this idea! You could offer the featured badge to donators to your community as a perk. You can give your staff the verified badge which is handy to show what users your members could ask help from.

    But there is one thing right now I'd add to this plugin to make it better, Put the Badge next to the username of this Chat Addon "siropu chat" as it currently doesn't. Add that in the next update and I'll move this to 5 stars :) Great work!
    1. Dadparvar
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review :)

      You really gave 4 stars just because another add-on's design is in a way that doesn't contain full features of XF's rich username? If you see codes of my add-on you will see I said show the badge where ever rich username if fully used. As you see I didn't added support for other addons like MG or RM but they show the badge. I also talked to Siropu about it and he said I can extend his add-on's file but even in that case it can be used in room only. I feel if siropu make some changes in his add-on, he can add support of it in all parts of his add-on.

      Anyway your 4 stars is also warmly appreciated :)

      This is my second non-5-stars review in all my addons and like the first one, was because another add-on is not the way the reviewer wants :)

      Wish you the best and glad you enjoy using it