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Unmaintained GoodForNothing Four Oh! Four 1.1.2 Beta 1

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Great tool works for V.1.5.8 too hassle free! I hope there comes and easier way to Edit the 404 page ;)
Great add-on. Easy to work with and it does the job! I'd like to thank the author for creating this. :)
Mr. Goodie2Shoes
Mr. Goodie2Shoes
And thank you for your support! :D
A must have addon that helped me a lot by seeing the 404 error pages people were accessing so I can add a permanent redirect for them.
Works like a charm.

Decent customisation option for the page by editing the template file.

Uses the default XenForo dynamic error phrase too.
The ability to see what 404 pages visitors are hitting is very important. We had an awful lot of hits to /threads/ which I can now redirect to the /forums/ path thanks to this addon. This is very useful.
Mr. Goodie2Shoes
Mr. Goodie2Shoes
Thanks for the review! :)
Simple, but a great add. Thanks for your work
Now I can rate this 4/5. It's not 5 yet because it doesn't work when third-party addons trigger 404 error.
Mr. Goodie2Shoes
Mr. Goodie2Shoes
So the latest version has the ability to catch 404 errors made by any third-party add-on that follows XenForo's implementations :D
Unfortunately, the add-on does bad things for website's ranking by search engines.
Search engines will consider missing pages okay as this add-on uses HTTP 301 redirect to get to nice error page (which returns HTTP 200 code).
This will clutter search index of the website with lots of different links leading to same 404 page that are considered valid by the search engine. This may lead to your website lowering in search results.
Mr. Goodie2Shoes
Mr. Goodie2Shoes
Thanks for the feedback... This is one of my early add-ons and thus lack loads of stuff... I'll come up with something. :)
cool ideia...