GoodForNothing Four Oh! Four

Unmaintained GoodForNothing Four Oh! Four 1.1.2 Beta 1

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This version contains a fix for an unidentified internal server error issued by Apache that may or may not happen with you.
If you are upgrading this add-on from 1.1.0 please clear your current logs by going to: AdminCP -> Tools -> Cron Entries -> Rebuild 404 Logs -> Run

If the url where the 404 is triggered is longer than 200 characters, an exception was thrown. Also added a fix that prevents the same url from logging twice because of a trailing slash.
Some of the core files were not being included during add-on compilation.
Fixed issue with the install script. :oops:
Ever wanted to know on which page are your visitors getting 404 errors? Well now you can!

404 logs.png

To view the logs, go to: AdminCP -> Tools -> Logs -> 404 Error Log

You can also add redirection rules that supports either temporary or permanent redirects with ease :D

EDIT: Forgot to mention that there is a cron entry that will rebuild the log every month, removing only those that do not have a redirection rule. And those that have one will be reset to 0.

That's it folks! :X3:

P.S. If you want to support my free developments with a small (or big :rolleyes:) donation, drop me a PM :)
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Fixed issue with the archive that caused malformed directory structure upon extraction on Unix and Mac systems.
Re-written everything from scratch.

The add-on ID has changed so you have to uninstall the old one first and install the new one. Restarted from version 1.0.0.

This version can now catch 404 errors produced by any add-ons as long as they follow XenForo's implementations.
To upgrade, just upload everything from the 'upload' folder to your forum's root directory and import the XML file from AdminCP.

Warning!!: If you have installed version 1.0.0 remove it first
  • Fixed issue regarding SEO: added 404 header
  • Removed Redirection: now the error page is shown on the same page
To Fix:
Upload and overwrite everything from the upload folder. If you have edited the 4oh4.php file used in the previous version, open and copy everything and edit the file /library/GFNCoders/Templates/404.tpl and overwrite everything :)