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Gift Upgrades

Gift Upgrades 1.5.1

No permission to buy ($20.00)
  • Fix a typo affecting XFMG integration. :oops:
Thanks to @Xon for contributions to this release.
  • Add a recent gifted posts sidebar block. Enabled and cached by default. Respects user permissions.
  • Add content gifting support for XFMG.
  • Add content gifting support for NixFifty: Calendar. You will need Beta 2 or greater to use this.
Likes: Xon
  • No longer displays disabled upgrades in the giftable upgrades list.
  • Disallow content type gifting to banned users.
Thanks to @Xon for contributions to this release!
  • Resolve an issue when trying to merge users.
  • Only display available and configured Paygate processors.
  • Respect the gift-upgrade permission when showing account upgrades that can be gifted.
If you use [bd] Paygates, upload the files from this package to your forum. You do not need to re-import the .xml for this version.
  • Small fix for Paygates.
  • Resolve compatibility issue where posts would not be displayed properly.
  • Improve support for third party styles.
This update primarily features the ability to allow gifting from posts, profile posts and member profiles. These features are permission controlled but allow for more prominent displaying of the 'Gift' feature. In addition, this can be easily extended to other add-ons and their content types.

Content that has been gifted will display how many times it has been gifted along with a handy link to view the gifters (if they are not anonymous).



Users that receive gifts from their content will receive an alert informing them about it.


A CSS class is appended to gifted posts allowing you to further customize their appearance and make gilded posts stand out. Here, you can also see why I don't design.


In addition, there's a bunch of other assorted code improvements which is always fun.

Finally, I'd like to confirm that this add-on will be ported to XenForo 2 and there will be no extra cost provided your license is active.
  • Allow gifting from different content types.
  • Code improvements and reorganisation to bring this add-on more in line with my other ones.
  • Improvements to user criteria to ensure it correctly works.
  • Improve support for Xon's Sandbox PayPal add-on.
  • Removed branding.
  • Fixed case where gift upgrades wouldn't be marked as anonymous.
  • Improved criteria support.
Likes: Mouth