Genesis - Open Source Style Framework

Unmaintained Genesis - Open Source Style Framework 1.0.0 Beta 1

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Very nice and handy add-on!
Awesome plugin. Thanks! :)
Sweet little addition
Great! Works! Super!
Great add-on!
Great, thank you very much for the updated.
One of those simple things that should definitely be part of the core. Thanks for taking up the slack!
Thank you! Great addon, as usual.
Awesome addon. Thanks!
Super! thank you very much mate.
Works perfectly!
Nice addition
Does what promises. Good!!
Works great, thank you.
One of the best small tweaks done to XenForo. I just love it! Thanks Jon :)
great addon, but i have problems with xenforo 1.2 to create threads... i dont know why
This add-on should not affect your ability to create threads. Try disabling this add-on and trying again. If the error still happens with this add-on disabled, then the problem is probably with another add-on.
love this add on
Just installed it and had no problems at all. Great addition to our forum, Thanks!