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Forum List Count 2.2

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.2
  2. 1.3
  3. 1.4
  4. 1.5

Shows number of forum list views by visitor type.

This add-on is useful to see just how many visitors are viewing your forum list.

(Example of Forum List Count link)


(Example of Forum List Count page)


(Example of Options page)


(Example of User Group permissions)



All phrases start with forumlistcount_ for your convenience.


In order to get most accurate results, you will want to also install the Robots add-on located here:

  1. Download and unzip it.
  2. Upload the Andy folder to your server. The correct location is library/Andy.
  3. From your Admin Control Panel, go to the "Install Add-on" page.
  4. Upload the addon-ForumListCount_v2.2.xml file
  5. Click the Install Add-on button.

Set the Administrative group permission to Allow.

Database table:

This add-on creates a table called xf_forum_list_count in your database.

Sending a donation:

If you like this add-on, please consider sending a small donation.

Thank you.
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Latest updates

  1. See description

    On Dec 31, 2015 version 2.0 of this add-on was released to address an exploitable SQL injection...
  2. See description

    Forum List Count v2.2 changes: Updated Template Modification to use Regular Expression.
  3. See description

    Forum List Count v2.1 changes: Date improvements.

Latest reviews

This is THE add-on to use if you're interested in researching how many, and just what type of visitors are loading your Forum List page. Simply, Easy and Quick...which ought to be AndyB's trademark by now.
Had the 1.0 version of this addon as a sneak preview :) Good to see you made it available to the rest of the Xenforo community! Thanks again for nice addition to the standard Xenforo functionality ;)