First Post Email

First Post Email 1.6

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First Post Email v1.6 changes:

Simplified the Options page. Updated the PHP files.
First Post Email v1.5 changes:

Fixed code so those forums with non-Full Friendly URLs will get a proper link to the first post.
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First Post Email v1.4 changes:

Fixed URL problem dealing with non-Full Friendly URLs.
First Post Email v1.3 changes:

Added "Name" field in Options. This allows the email to be more personalized.
First Post Email v1.2 changes:

Add additional code to ensure emails only go out when a first post is made and there is a valid logged in user.
First Post Email v1.1 changes:
  1. Fixed link contained in email, now works in all situations.
  2. Removed one Options field which was not required.