ElasticSearch Essentials

ElasticSearch Essentials 3.15.4

No permission to buy ($30.00)
As always, Xon gives one of the best support here on XF platform. This add-on makes elasticserach on steroids, so well worth the money :)
Great product, great support, cannot thank you enough, keep up the good work sir. Wish you all the best!
Like always this is high-quality work from Xon. It's a very useful add-on which helps you to find content even faster. (mobile and desktop).
My users love it.
And Xon's service is blazingly fast and there are always frequent updates.
Thumbs up!
Sometimes an addon just exceeds what you thought it would do. I can't imagine functioning without this.
Our users are enjoying the added functionality of search! The ability to search Older Than date is invaluable.
Good product, work as intended. My customer needed compatibility with resources and AMS article we paid for it and he did the job as expected.
Great add-on, expanding the capabilities of the XF add-on.
Some of my users think that the addition of "older than" searching is worth the price on its own.
Xon continues to provide excellent add-ons of very high quality both free and paid.
A good add-on working in conjunction with XenForo Enhanced Search. In addition to this, it adds what should be, in my opinion, delivered from the box to the engine.
This is what an ideal search system should be. You can't go back after experiencing instant search results and autocomplete. Similar threads functions is a bonus. It is a well thought, well coded addon.
Xon is professional and helpful.
The support Xon has showed thus far has been fantastic! The bug fixes are rather swift and has implemented a feature that was suggested to be added. His work is very professional and clean, I would highly recommend this add-on!
Excellent support, Excellent addon, Excellent Dev. I hope too see him as official XenForo developer soon.
That is one of Xon's awesome add-ons. It brings new features like "similar threads" and one of the best features is the "search bar auto complete"-function which really brings up the results you need when you search for something. Many options to configure and well-thought-out.
Great developer and very responsive for suggestions.
Xon is the #1 XF developer and he brings us another "must have". Many useful features in here and Xon gives the worlds best support!
I have been working with @xon on getting the XF2 version to match the XF1 version when it comes to relevant threads, I can only say he has been extremely professional, receptive and prompt in providing me versions to test on my test forum. Also this addon is worth its weight in gold :)
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