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Hey all,

Drift is the final theme to be coded onto UI.X. When we were recoding all our products, Drift was a bit too advanced for UI.X. But for the last 5 months we have been improving and optimizing our framework so that now even Drift and all its glory could join the family.

It still has all the great design tools that it came with, but with the added benefit of everything UI.X allows for including fixed navigation, welcome panel, advanced style property based footer, social media icons, collapsible sidebar, collapsible nodes and about ten thousand other permutations of different configurations! OH and of course the AD Styler which will let your users design it however you want!


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Added right to left support.

.xml update required for Drift Light only. New images in /style/light/rtl and /style/dark/rtl added.
Hey all,

Not much in this update, but we upgraded the theme and did some improvements to the color swatches, such as adding an icon and moving the code to a new template.

License holders can redownload from Audentio Design customer area.

Hey all,

First off, sorry for the delay on this product. But its here and its gorgeous.

  • New styler presets
  • Completely responsive
  • Added features such as social media icons
  • Rounded avatars
  • And more
Current license holders can redownload, expired license holders can purchase for $20.

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Drift and Drift Dark have been updated to XenForo 1.1.4.
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The AD Styler has been updated to support background-position and background-repeat CSS properties. The Firefox background image bug has also been fixed. Download from your customer area.

Note that only the /js/ad_styler/ folder should be updated, neither the XML nor the images have been edited in this version.
No notable changes for 1.1.3, but the UI has been altered quite a bit, mainly the light version. I will be working on making Drift Dark just a bit lighter, like I have with Drift Light. Notable changes include:

--Avatars updated
--Gradients moved around
--Lightened, overall
--Border radius reduced

And miscellaneous bugs were fixed such as the container on Drift Dark not matching the AD styler default value.

Henceforth, all updates for this resource will be in regards to Drift Light. Drift Dark will have its own resource posted.