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I love both Drift and Drift Dark Audentio is always fast to respond and take care of an issue when one happens with their styles.
Thank you so much for the review! We're lucky to have you as a customer and happy to be helpful.
Has it been a while since I've had this... I bought this style when Audentio was a new company. In fact, I have a ticket with a very low ticket ID regarding Drift (I was kinda stupid back then). Being an early style from the Audentio team, it's been quite good. It was my first paid style, and my first style from Audentio. Wouldn't be surprised if I was one of their first 50 customers. I used to love this style, but as newer styles started to take over some other styles found more appropriate to me (namely UI.X and one by PixelExit too). Seems like it's been updated to UI.X and it's still kicking. Implemented into such a powerful framework, I can't imagine how it can't be really good. UI.X is flexible and let's the forum admin customise it completely. Before XF 1.2 or so Drift was really my favourite style. Shame my license is expired right now, but I might have to take up renewal on my new site (Apantic, Products and Services). It's really suitable for such a forum. Great style guys.
Thanks for everything Mike. Enjoying the style very much!
Fantastic update, can't ask for anything more.
As always Chris your support of the product is very appreciated.
Too bad theme.I bought the license but do not ever use .My overturned .
Thanks for the review. Any thing I can do to help make the theme for useful for you?
I've really missed Drift. Before XF 1.2, Drift was literally my most favourite style for XenForo. Stopped using it for a while to use the amazing standard UI.X style. Today, dreams came true when a new version of Drift was built with UI.X. It's fantastic. Check it out at http://xenmediagallery.com. Thanks Mike!
Fantastic skin, been using it since the end of last year and it only seems to get better! The support from Audentio is also 1st class, I felt like a valued customer. 5*. Highly recommended skin for any forum.
A wonderfully modern and clean design. I particularly like the main navigation tabs. Excellent work from all at Audentio Design.
I love how customisable this skin is :D
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